Whole Cell Crush Wheat #1 – 30lb bucket

crushed Wheat #1 is a 1:1 replacement for flour, simply replace flour with Crushed Wheat #1 in your recipes.



No Chemicals, enrichments or preservative

  • Enrichments are put into white flour to replace killed nutrition
  • Chemical bleaching agents used to make white flour look completely white

More protein

  • 20 grams per cup of Crushed Wheat #1 vs 13 grams per cup in white flour

More dietary fiber

  • Contributes to feeling more full after eating

Live nutrition

  • Since no cells are destroyed, enzymes inside the cells are still live

Natural nutrition

  • Man made Vitamin B and Iron put back into white flour

Complex Carbohydrate

  • Better than simple carbohydrate

There is 100% natural nutrition in Crushed Grains and NO manmade or synthetic nutrition.  Your body knows how to use 100% of natural nutrition!


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