If you're one of those people looking for healthy foods then we have the perfect product for you. Our Fathers Food products are not only designed to feed people without synthetics, but also nourish them. People eat for two reasons, taste and nourishment and these products have both of those qualities. Our Father's Foods uses a patented process where they can crush grains without destroying cells. This gives their products tow main benefits: 1. 100% natural nutrition 2. No chemicals, enrichment, preservatives or heat is used. There is no better option for a non-inflammatory diet than these products! More natural whole cell nutrition minus synthetic presence equals better health!

No Chemicals, enrichments or preservative

  • Enrichments are put into white flour to replace killed nutrition
  • Chemical bleaching agents used to make white flour look completely white

More protein

  • 20 grams per cup of Crushed Wheat #1 vs 13 grams per cup in white flour

More dietary fiber

  • Contributes to feeling more full after eating

Live nutrition

  • Since no cells are destroyed, enzymes inside the cells are still live

Natural nutrition

  • Man made Vitamin B and Iron put back into white flour

Complex Carbohydrate

  • Better than simple carbohydrate

There is 100% natural nutrition in Crushed Grains and NO manmade or synthetic nutrition.  Your body knows how to use 100% of natural nutrition!

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