Our shelves are packed with all varieties of delicious candies, chocolates, chips, pretzels, dried fruits, crackers and much more! Whatever snack you're craving you're sure to find something you love here at Troyer's

Chips, Pretzels, & Snacks

Browse our great selection of chips, pretzels, & snacks available in brands and flavors unique to us and other stores similar to ours. Items we carry include potato chips, cheese curls, snack mixes, popcorn, crackers and we also have our own line of seasoned pretzels and party mixes that we make ourselves!


We offer a huge variety of delicious gummies, chocolates, and candies that are sure to satisfy all your sugary cravings


Dried Fruits & Vegetables

If your looking for a healthier alternative to candy check out our selection of dried Fruits and Vegetables. Some of the items we carry include dried mango, pineapple, kiwi, apples, cantelope, strawberries, and more!


Contact Us

If you would like to place an order for one of our products or would like to ask us a question call today or click the button below to submit a request!

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