Canning Instructions

Baby Gold Peach Canning Instructions

These are a CANNING ONLY peach and our absolute favorite since they do not become mushy after they are canned. They seem flavorless when they are fresh but don’t worry – the flavor pops out after they are canned and especially so once they have set for a few days after canning. IMPORTANT – these are ripe and need to be processed soon! I do the whole bushel even if they are firm. This is just how they are, but they are ripe.

First cut them in half and it will take a good firm twist to get them apart. I do the whole box then go to the next step. For the pit, I take a pitting knife (we carry them in store) and cut the pit out. Then I take a paring knife and peel them just like an apple. Then I lay them flat on a cutting board and take an apple wedger to cut the peach half into chunks. Pack the chunks into jars and cover with syrup. I prefer a light syrup and this is what I use. You’ll want to double the recipe a few times, but this is the base:


3 cups water

*1 cup sugar

Heat until dissolved. Pack peach chunks into jars and fill with syrup.

*If you want a heavy syrup use 2 cups of sugar.


Water bath for 15 minutes then put jars upside down until cool. They seal much better that way, plus my Mom always did it too


This fruit slush recipe is what I do with most of my freestone peaches. Our children get to eat a packed lunch in school and get so tired of it but this is one thing they never complain about having in their lunches! I freeze this individually in small containers.


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