Mulling Spice

For Mulled Cider or Russian Tea add 1-2 T. Mulling Spices to l qt. Fresh Cider or Brewed Block
Tea. Bring it almost to a boil; remove from the heat and cover. Allow to steep at least 5 minutes.
Try simmering some of the mulling spice in o kettle of boiling water for o natural air freshener

Jerky Seasoning

For l 0lb meat, use 0.62Ib or 10oz. of jerky seasoning. Cut meat into strips about l /8"-1 /4" thick.
Rub seasoning thoroughly into meat. Place in a non-metallic container. Refrigerate overnight.
Place on racks or hang to drain. Smoke, dehydrate, or oven dry at 170° until they are well-dried.


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